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While they are just one facet of Girl Scouting, the uniform, badges and awards are visible reminders of a girl's membership, growth and progression.
The insignia on a girl's uniform record her adventures and accomplishments as a Girl Scout. Along the way, she will learn valuable new skills, gain self-confidence and become more socially aware.

Every level in Girl Scouts has a variety of insignia including Troop & Council badges, earned grade-level awards, event badges and local awards culminating in the highest honors: the Bronze, Silver & Gold Awards.

Girl Scouts' highest awards are designed to help your daughter and her team make a lasting difference in your community. You'll find that your daughter grows into her best self. She'll become more focused, a better time manager, and a more effective team player. She'll grow in confidence. Inspire others. And set the stage for a lifetime of achievement. Girl Scouts makes the world smaller and the girl bigger.