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Ordering Information

Most of what you need (uniforms, insignia, books, etc.) to participate in USA Girl Scouts in Singapore can be ordered from the USA Girl Scouts Official Online Store. However, some items can also be obtained locally while others are provided with your registration – please see below for specific information. If you have any questions or need additional help in figuring out what to order, please contact


Uniforms & Basic Insignia

Parents need to order the appropriate uniform and basic insignia items for their daughters from the USA Girl Scouts Official Online Store. To make ordering a bit easier, we have put together an example order inventory of all the uniform & basic insignia items you need to order for each Girl Scout Level:

Daisy Uniform & Basic Insignia Order
Brownie Uniform & Basic Insignia Order
Junior Uniform & Basic Insignia Order
Cadette-Senior-Ambassador Uniform & Basic Insignia Order

The USA Girl Scouts Official Online Store does ship direct to Singapore, but shipping charges can be quite expensive per order. As an alternative, consider signing up for an account with a re-shipping company such as comGateway or vPost. These services provide an address in the USA to receive your parcels and then re-ship them to your address in Singapore typically for less than online vendors or other overseas shippers. In addition, many troop parents get together to submit a group order and split the shipping charges which can make it even more economical.


Provided Insignia

USAGSO-Singapore provides the following insignia with each girl’s paid registration. All of these items are distributed directly to the girls by Troop Leaders.

  • USAGSO-Singapore Patch (goes on the back of uniform vest)
  • Trefoil Pin
  • Membership Pin
  • Membership Star (awarded at the Closing Ceremonies)

The organization also supplies local earned awards, such as the Singapore Discoverer & Expert badges and the activity participation segments surrounding the USAGSO-Singapore Patch.

In addition, individual Troops make decisions on what badges, awards and Journeys will be worked on throughout the year and purchase the appropriate patches from troop funds.


Girl’s Guides and Journeys

USAGSO-Singapore keeps a limited supply of level-specific Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and Journey books on hand. If you would like a set for your daughter, please email before ordering from overseas. If we have the books you need in stock, it can save you quite a bit on shipping costs.

Leader Shirts

Every year USAGSO-Singapore orders leader shirts in variety of sizes for new leaders. Troop Leaders can contact to order.