Awards & Closing Ceremony

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As another school year draws to a close, the USAGSO-Singapore year-end Awards & Closing Ceremony will be held on May 23, 2015 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM in the Elementary School Theater at the Singapore American School. The ceremony will be a fun time with songs, a look back at the year, recognition for all Girl Scouts receiving their Bronze, Silver & Gold awards and a bridging ceremony for those moving up to the next level. And of course, it will be a great opportunity to say goodbye to those friends who will be moving on from Singapore.

Girl Scouts & Parents
  • Follow the Dress Code: All Girl Scouts should wear their vests over comfortable clothes (and hopefully that includes a USAGSO T-shirt!). 
  • Sign the Permission Slip: All Girl Scouts need to bring a printed and signed permission slip to attend the Closing Ceremony; please <click here> to download a copy.
  • Bring a Snack to Share: This year we are having a "pot luck" snack time after the event. Please bring some snacks or dessert items for about 8-10 people.
  • Fill Out the Volunteer Nomination: [Now Closed] Please <click here> and take a few moments to nominate Girl Scout parents who should be recognized for their efforts at the ceremony.
Troop Leaders
  • Post Your Photos: [Now Closed] We are putting together a photographic review of the past year to be played at the ceremony. Please search your computers, cameras, and phones and send us some pictures of your Troop! Individual or small numbers of photos can be emailed directly to the Webmaster. For larger numbers of photos, please upload them to the " Troop Photos for 2014-15 Closing Ceremony" album on the Members Shutterfly Site.
  • Email your Bridging List: Every troop leader must e-mail the full name of ALL girls who are bridging this year to by NO LATER than May 9th. 
  • Return First Aid Kits *: Please bring your Troop First Aid Kit to the Closing Ceremonies to be checked back in.
  • Return Books *: Please bring any books that you or your troop borrowed from the USAGSO-Singapore organization. 
  • Submit your Year End Paperwork *:  Please [click here to download the Troop Leader Year-End Documents Package] and follow the included checklist to complete the year-end documents.
* If you have later Troop meetings/activities planned or will not be able to attend the Closing Ceremony, please email prior to 23-May to make alternate arrangements to turn in these items.

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