Overnight Camp 2018

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Registration closes and full
payment due by 11-Feb-2018.

The registration form is not formatted for smart phones or tablets. If you experience trouble, please use a computer.

This is our biggest event of the year and we always need lots of parents to help out; please volunteer!
It's that time of year again! Overnight Camp is one of the most popular USAGSO-Singapore events every year; you don't want to miss it! This year's theme is "Everyday Heroes" and it is always a fun weekend-away-from-home for Second-year Brownies and older Girl Scouts. The girls enjoy outdoor activities, crafts, campfires, songs, make new friends, exchange SWAPs and do kapers (chores).

When:    March 2nd - 4th, 2018
Where:   Camp Sarimbun

*IMPORTANT: Before registering, please read ALL the information on this page.*

Where is Camp Sarimbun?

It is located in Jalan Bhatera, a quiet and lush part of Singapore, with gated grounds near several other local camps. The camp facilities include a welcome hall, dining facilities, enclosed cabins with bunk beds, toilet & shower facilities, campfire area, parade ground, and activity fields among many other amenities.

Bus transportation is available to/from Camp at the Singapore American School (in Woodlands) and at the Newton Food Centre Carpark and must be reserved when you register. If you do plan on driving, be aware Camp Sarimbun is not located correctly in many commercial GPS devices and mobile device apps!

What Happens at Camp?

Overnight Camp is often the highlight of the year for Girl Scouts in Singapore. It is a chance to be independent, have fun and learn new things all in a safe setting away from home for an entire weekend. All activities and cabin oversight are organized and run by parents and older Girl Scout Program Aides to keep the girls busy and engaged throughout the weekend.

Overnight Camp is intended to be a full weekend away-from-home experience. Campers are required to stay the entire weekend on the Camp grounds from check-in Friday until pick-up on Sunday. Campers cannot check-in after Friday, and cannot leave Camp on Saturday or early Sunday except for health or safety reasons.

If you child has never been to a sleep-away-from-home camp before or if you have specific concerns, please read "Is Your Child Ready for Overnight Camp?" Before registering, consider carefully if your child is ready (and you are as well) for a multi-day overnight experience away from home.

Camp Schedule

 Friday, March 2nd

 Saturday, March 3rd

 Sunday, March 4th

17:15 Arrival and Check-in 17:30 Opening Ceremony
18:00 Camp Intro 
18:30 Group rotations:
         dinner, shower &
20:00 Group Activities
22:00 Lights Out

07:00 Flag Raising
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Activity Stations
11:10 Snack time
11:30 Kapers (chores)
         & Lunch
13:00 Activity Stations
15:00 Snack time
15:30 Activity Stations
17:30 Group rotations:
         dinner, shower &
         skit preparation
20:00 Flag Retreat & 
22:00 Lights Out

07:00 Flag Raising
08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Closing Activity & 
         Ceremony, Flag Retiring
10:00 Cleanup & load buses
10:30 Onsite pickup
11:00 Buses depart

What Should She Bring?

Singapore weather at this time of year is typically hot, humid and rain is always possible. In addition, some activities will be messy and muddy and each Girl Scout must take care of themselves the entire weekend, so pack accordingly. In addition, this year girls need to bring their own bedding, pillow and “mess kit” (plate, cup, utensils, etc). Please note that Girl Scouts are NOT allowed to bring any food/snacks/sweets or electronic devices (iPods/iPads, cell phones, radios, electronic games, etc.) to Camp. We know that's a lot to remember, so we've compiled this handy checklist that all Girl Scouts and parents should use when packing:

[Download the Overnight Camper Checklist]

Program Aides

Overnight Camp is also a great opportunity for older Girl Scouts to develop their leadership skills. Girls who are 2nd Year Cadettes or higher may register as a Program Aid (PA). They will work with the Camp organizers and parent volunteers to run the Camp and are entitled to a significantly reduced fee. 

All PAs must undergo training prior to the start of camp and t
here are two mandatory training sessions for PA's this year. All girls who want to be PAs this year must sign up for training beforehand so we can get a headcount for these sessions.
  1. 'Classroom' Session (11-Feb) Mandatory for all NEW PA's and all previously trained PA's are requested to attend to help prepare camp materials.
  2. 'Activities' Session (25-Feb) Mandatory for ALL PA's; this session will be held at Camp Sarimbun and transportation will be provided.

Parent Participation

Camp doesn't have to be fun JUST for the girls and all work for the grown-ups! Enjoy some S’Mores with your daughter! Savor the outdoors with a fabulous Sunset! Cabin Moms will be assigned in a separate cabin from their daughter, which allows the camper to get the independent feel of overnight camp, while allowing for a nice bonding experience. The experience is fun and unique – take advantage of it. Meals and lodging free for all Cabin Moms or daytime volunteers who stay overnight.

That said, Overnight Camp is our largest and most complex event every year, and without participation from everyone we simply cannot do it. As part of the registration process, please also sign up for a volunteer assignment during the Camp weekend. Most jobs require no more than 4 hours commitment (but we'd love to have you sign up for more)!

NOTE: If you plan to be a Cabin Mom for the duration of Camp, you need to sign up for three (3) slots (Friday Overnight, Saturday Daytime & Saturday Overnight).

[Sign Up Here as a Parent Volunteer]

Registration & Fees

You must register for Overnight Camp online; space is limited to 120 Girl Scouts so please make sure you register as soon as possible.

          Camper Fee:              $170
          PA/Counselor Fee:      $70

We cannot provide refunds for unused registrations, so please check your schedule carefully before registering. Registration closes and full payment must be received on 11-Feb-2018; unpaid registrations after that date will be CANCELLED. Please read our Payment Policy for further details.

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